Our Clients’ Words

1631 Emerson Street | Uptown
“I’m so glad that I worked with Trish and Maggie to sell my mother’s condominium. Initially, the property had numerous issues, although minor, and I was overwhelmed with how to address them. In no time, they helped me to get the condo into shipshape order. Trish has such a sense of humor, she made me laugh so many times, even in times of stress. This made the whole process genuinely enjoyable. The team staged the property so perfectly that I wanted to move in myself! We had a solid offer almost immediately, and they made every effort to work with the buyer’s broker to ensure that everything went through smoothly. I will undoubtedly work with them again for my future real estate needs. Thank you so much Trish and Maggie!”

Anne Cosgriff
Uptown Seller

“We have worked with Trish and Maggie on both the buy and the sell side. In each transaction they have gone above and beyond, providing highly personalized, reliable and thorough service. Their intimate knowledge and understanding of the Denver market was especially valuable to us as they guided us in finding the perfect home, negotiating a fair price, and also in listing our home & selling it very quickly. We often felt like we had special insiders’ access to the market because Trish and Maggie always seem to know what listings are coming to market long before they actually do, and that’s incredibly valuable in a hot market like Denver. In our most recent transaction, we purchased a new-build and they were powerful advocates for us, working with the builder to be sure that every detail was completed to our satisfaction. As an added benefit, they have a great sense of design and bring so much enthusiasm and joy to their work! We would highly recommend Trish and Maggie to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Denver!”

Laura & Chris Towle
Cherry Creek North Seller & Buyer

“Trish and Maggie understand the importance of thoughtful architecture and highly curated interior design. I so appreciate collaborating with a team who has similar discerning taste and is committed to elevating Denver real estate.”

Susan Bailey Weiss
Cherry Hills Village Seller

“Maggie and Trish are creative, trustworthy, and THE best! They guided us successfully through three complicated real estate transactions, two of which occurred while we were living on the east coast. We couldn’t have done ANY of it without them!”

Willy Walker
Hilltop Buyer & Seller | Cherry Hills Village Buyer

4751 Colorado 103 Idaho Springs, CO
“Trish and Maggie are the best! They guided us through a complicated home sale with patience, always a positive attitude and every kind of necessary support. With great assurance, I can say that they are strong advocates who sincerely care about their client and the client’s individual circumstance. We especially appreciated the beautiful presentation of our much-loved home in the marketing materials, and the time and care that was taken to demonstrate its appeal.”

Sandra Poppas
Idaho Springs Seller

“It was a pleasure working with Trish and Maggie on our real estate transactions in Country Club. Their marketing was fresh and strategic. They understood the uniqueness of our Burnham Hoyt-designed home and the intricacies of selling in a historic neighborhood. And they managed the purchase of our new home just around the corner at the same time. Nicely done!”

Rusty and Sarah Brown
Country Club Buyers & Sellers

Testimonials | Trish Bragg & Maggie Armstrong
“Maggie Armstrong and Trish Bragg recently helped the Cowperthwaite family sell its historic Country Club home at the corner of East Third Avenue and Gilpin Street. Brokers with LIV Sotheby International Realty, Maggie and Trish performed all the challenging duties of modern residential brokerage from initial marketing studies and listing to a timely and successful closing. But that does not come close to telling their extraordinary story. In a spectacular variation on “doing well by doing good”, Trish and Maggie melded the marketing of the Cowperthwaite home with the 2011 Denver Designer Show Home benefiting The Children’s Hospital of Denver. They worked tirelessly to assemble a team of designers, art dealers, cooperating merchants, and dedicated contractors and workers to transform the home into modern magnificence. Over several weeks, thousands of people toured the home, attended lectures by prominent architects and historians on the grounds of the property and contributed nearly a hundred thousand dollars to The Children’s Hospital general fund as well as focused attention on the Hospital’s world-class pediatric care. All of this simply could not have come about without Trish and Maggie’s eye for beauty, diplomatic skills in working with dozens of competing designers, real estate professionalism of the highest order, and knowing how to make life better for the people of Denver. AND, they brought the Cowperthwaite family and a willing purchaser together, during tough economic times, in a win-win sale. Trish Bragg and Maggie Armstrong have the family’s most fulsome recommendation with no qualifications what so ever. We sing their praises and welcome further inquiries. It’s fun to share our respect, gratitude and friendship for Maggie Armstrong and Trish Bragg.”

James Cowperthwaite
Country Club Seller

381 Franklin Street
“My wife and I used Trish and Maggie to sell our previous home and to buy our new one and I would highly recommend them on either side of the transaction. They are both very involved with the Denver community and have done extensive work in the area where we live — they quickly brought our property to the attention of the real estate community. They added a tremendous amount of value to the process over and above what other, more inexperienced, brokers would have been able to provide. They are familiar with everything on the market and also somehow have the knack of always knowing what is about to come on the market (they won’t tell me their secret.) We felt it was important that we like our brokers on a personal level. It was a big deal to us to work with people that we felt were honest, friendly, and dedicated. Their easygoing and friendly demeanors make what can be a stressful process that much easier. If we ever decide to move, we won’t hesitate to use Trish and Maggie again.”

Luke Simpson
Driving Park Seller & Country Club Buyer

Trish & Maggie | Testimonials
“When my husband and I hired Trish and Maggie, we received much more than we hoped for.  Their professionalism, tenacity and knowledge was best of class. But more importantly, their eye for architecture, willingness to think out of the box and thoughtfulness were beyond our wildest expectations.”

Patricia and Eric Lawrence
Greenwood Village Sellers

Testimonials | Trish Bragg & Maggie Armstrong
“Thanks so much for helping us find a home in Denver. To say we had a lot going on during our search would be an understatement. New job, new city, and two small children in tow were plenty to handle. Trying to find a home with everything else going on in our lives seemed a tall order at the outset. But your local knowledge, your integrity, your experience, and your warmth made our search for a home enjoyable and the transition as smooth as it could be. You have our sincere gratitude and of course, our recommendation.”

Eric Ross
Hilltop Buyer

Trish & Maggie | Testimonials
“I would highly recommend Maggie Armstrong and Trish Bragg to anyone considering buying or selling a home. In my buying experience, they presented a nice variety of homes throughout my price range, and provided honest and candid feedback about each — my time never felt wasted. Being a single dad with growing children, I also had to consider potential renovation opportunities in my buying decision. Their insight proved invaluable. From home selection through negotiation through closing, I felt like I had two partners throughout the process.”

Kevin McCabe
Driving Park Historic Buyer

Trish & Maggie | Testimonials
“These chicks rock — use them.”

Scot & Charlotte Wetzel
Driving Park Historic Sellers